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For the Love of my hounds

“I have never found a greater love than that of a basset hound… I have never seen more love and care than in that of the eyes of a basset hound….. I have never felt more passion than that of loving my basset hounds” 

Beau Loves his Flowers and Garden!!!

It is a known fact that our little boy Beau absolutely love his garden, his flowers and watering them. In fact Beau loves everything about his garden even the beautiful butterflies. Part of the highly popular Flower Power Range we bring you this absolute gem of a design promised not to find anything cuter than this particular design. Beau picking you on of his favorite flowers with a butterfly giving is snout butterfly kisses…

Duke says Legends Adopt

Our newly adopted boy Duke so badly wants to make everyone out there aware of the struggles of babies needing homes in these difficult times. He asked his new moms to do a design that would bring awareness to people and let them know the struggle is real. Duke himself is still a pup and only over 1 year old, hence he would like to plead with you all to adopt and not to shop.


Duke boy

Chino Promise Infinity

He came into our lives like a whirlwind, we never excepted him to, he changed our lives forever and he is such a huge influence on why we support adoption in SA. The Chino promise infinity and beyond design is a design very close to our hearts, its a design that shows and speaks millions of words in a small sentence. It is truly something we are very proud of. This design is inspired by our adopted boy Chino and as the words say “Rescue is not just a verb, its a promise”. Thank you Chintjies and we love you boy!!!


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Beau & Daisy online shop were you can get “All things basset” at affordable prices.